Have Questions about Applore?

Applore is the best utility and tool app available on Google play store. Want to know more about how Applore works then checkout the below Frequently asked questions ? Read through our FAQ and learn more about the capability of the app and its available features.

  • Q. How does Applore identify Suspicious or Spy apps running on my device

    A. The app identifies apps that are installed but they are completely hidden from users. They also access important data and call information to continue spying on the device.

  • Q. How do I ensure that malicious apps are not installed on my phone.

    A. It is commended that you should only install apps from app stores and not install any APK unless you fully trust.

  • Q. What does 'My Vault' option do?

    A. 'My Vault' can store your pictures from a gallery in a private place on your phone. App encrypts your media files and store them in different places. These files can only be opened by Applore app when passlock authenticated.

  • Q. What if I remove Applore application by mistake but my pictures were moved to 'My Vault' ?

    A. You can rediscover your media files when you install the app again.

  • Q. What does 'Private Camera' do ?

    A. 'Private Camera' is a quick option to capture photos and videos that wouldn't go to gallery, they are privately saved to your phone and can be accessible from Applore only with passlock authentication.

  • Q. Can I lock any app Installed on my phone?

    A.Yes, Once activated, Every app will be locked. They can only open using password

  • Q. Can I prevent someone to uninstall Applore to unlock any Locked Apps?

    A. You can prevent uninstallation from Advance settings, you must also lock your settings section.

  • Q. How do you know potential apps install on my phone steal my data.

    A. You can check your data access from 'Permission & Security'. Make sure you trust these apps.

  • Q. How do I prevents someone to 'Delete' Applore app?

    A. Use 'Advance' option under App Locked section to enable protection from uninstall.

  • Q. How can I recover my passlock incase I have forgotten?

    A. You can receive your passlock on email which is used for security setup.

  • Q. Can I search files, media or search documents by keyword ?

    The file finder option makes it convenient to search files on your mobile. Custom options like search between file size, date creation and keyword within document are available

  • Q. Can I hide any app ?

    A. You can hide system apps but can not hide installed apps.

  • Q. How do you determine malicious apps ?

    A. We regularly check for known apps that were recommended by experts to uninstall anytime. If you feel safe, you can ignore apps under the Malicious apps section.

  • Q: How to uninstall single or multiple apps?

    A. Check the apps that you want to uninstall and click on the uninstall button at bottom. You can also uninstall individual apps by clicking the delete icon.

  • Q: Why can't I see some of the app installed on my phone?

    A. You can press on the 'Reload Apps' button under the menu to load fresh installed apps.

  • Q: Why can't I see uninstall option on system apps?

    A. System apps are pre installed on the phone by the manufacturer. It can't be uninstalled but you can reduce memory by clicking on the system app -> Storage -> Clear Data.

  • Q: I see the 'Safe Uninstaller' icon on the notification bar all the time. How can I remove it?

    A. You can disabled by unchecking on 'Always Show on Notification Window'

  • Q: Why does uninstalled app goes to Recycle folder instead of clean uninstall?

    A. You have the option to backup apk file to Recycle Bin in order to avoid accidental uninstallation. You can alway enable or disable the option from Menu -> Settings option.

  • Q: What is 'Scan Unused APK' used for?

    A. This option search all the unused apk files on your file system. You can remove any unused apk file that you do not wish to store to get more free space.

  • Q: How does night mode work?

    A. App allows dark graphics for night viewing which is easier to read for human eyes. Auto option will automatically set night mode based on the current time.

  • Q: How does Uninstall History works?

    A. You can see reference to app uninstalled using this application and respective dates. You can reinstall any app from the app store directly.

  • Q: Does this app save my contact, call logs and any other person data to cloud?

    A. No, we do not store any of your personal data on the server. The export option will save your app, contact or call logs data to your google drive account.

  • Q: How do I backup and restore my calls logs?

    A. You can backup your phone call logs using the backup option from call logs -> Settings option. The backup can be stored on your phone\'s internal memory or google drive. Once backup is taken, you can restore them easily.

  • Q: If I restore a backup of App, phone call or contacts, Does it create duplicate entry?

    A. No, It doesn't create duplicate entries. Some occasion, App will ask to make copy or skip duplicates.

  • Q: Which copy does 'duplicate file remover' will delete?

    A. It will remove newer copies of duplicate contacts. You can manually check the copy you want to keep.

  • Q: Can the app stop saving uninstalled history, call logs etc. I don't need history.

    A. Yes, You can disable them from the privacy option.

  • Q: Why does RAM Cleaner sometime seems to indicate memory usage is increased instead of decrease.

    A. The RAM Cleaner will remove waste memory data and process to clean your device and make it faster. However some auto running programs will restart as RAM Cleaner runs.

  • Q: I want to restore my contact as I want to undo contact merge. How do I do?

    A. The app saves contact backup to your memory device when you first run the contact manager. You can always restore it from local storage.

  • Q: I don't find my native language option in the app. will app consider adding my language in upcoming update?

    A. We are currently working on adding language options for Chinese, Italian. Czech, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic etc in upcoming days. Stay tuned!

  • Q: The language translation seems faulty. Can I help to improve?

    A. Certainly, We need your support for continuous improvement. You can send us faulty text from 'Support Developer' -> 'Language Translation help' option.